Friday, March 5, 2021

Commission Gives Unofficial Nod for Demolition of Oxford Home

By Alyssa Schnugg
News editor

Rotten subfloor and floor joists prompted the owners of this home on 8th Street to seek permission to demolish and rebuild from the Historic Preservation Commission.
Photo from Oxford Planning Commission case packet

Despite efforts to save one of Oxford’s early 1900s home, the Historic Preservation Commission gave an unofficial nod Monday for a demolition request to the owners of the house.

The home, owned by Marty and Candice Carr, is located at 717 S. 8th St. and was built around 1925; however, the building has been altered several times and many of the original features like windows and doors have been replaced.

The home is listed as a non-contributing home in the South Lamar Historic District.

Representing the Carrs, Jonathan Maddox with Howorth and Associates Architects, met with the Commission Monday in a Zoom meeting. He showed them photos of the home and asked for a complimentary review to gain the Commission’s opinion on whether or not to move forward with a request to demolish.

“I wanted to have a conversation with you all and see where to go from here,” he said.

A plan to renovate the home was approved by the Commission in January. However, during renovations, numerous issues with the quality and condition of the existing construction complicated the plans to renovate.

The home was built around 1925

“The amount of material needing to be replaced, because of deterioration or to meet code, has become apparent and warrants a conversation,” stated the request for the complimentary review. “The additional time and expense required for these corrections do not seem reasonable, considering so little of the original fabric can be maintained.”

According to Maddox, the foundation will need to be completely replaced and much of the wood is rotted in the flooring. Ceiling and roof framing does not meet city building codes.

Maddox said if demolition is allowed, the house will be rebuilt according to the originally approved plans with a few “tweaks.”

Commissioner Camp Best said while he generally is a “stickler” against demolitions, he said it appeared to be warranted in the case presented Monday.

The commission commended the Carr’s efforts to save the home.

None of the commissioners stated that they would be completely against demolition should Maddox appears before the commission next month with a request to demolish the house with plans to rebuild it according to the plans approved in January.