Saturday, June 3, 2023

John Cofield's 'Oxford & Ole Miss –– The College Inn & Mistilis Cafe

The Mistilis family has fed generations of Ole Miss students and Oxonians alike. Mr. Tom Mistilis had his first restaurant, The College Inn, next to The Oxford Eagle and across the alley from Cofield’s Studio. Angelo Mistilis, “Butch” as Granddaddy Cofield called him (pictured here), owned the last location out on College Hill Road, just past the airport. Both are Oxford legends. Cheese steak with fries rings a big bell with thousands of Mississippians. Chef salads with his feta cheese dressing and the best gumbo you ever tasted were mainstays of the menu too. Angelo can also be credited with helping open the Oxford Steak Company and Abbeville Catfish. The Mistilis’ are one of those unique families that have served to make Oxford, Mississippi, a special place.
–John Cofield
*Note: Ole Miss fans can easily spot Archie on the wall