Thursday, May 26, 2022

Historic Places & Landmarks

Photo courtesy of the St. Peter's Episcopal Church Facebook page
Photo courtesy of the St. Peter’s Episcopal Church Facebook page

It was during Frederick A.P. Barnard’s tenure as rector that St. Peter’s Episcopal Church building, chancel and nave were erected. The lot was purchased on November 19, 1855, for $600 from Philip A. and Mary D. Yancey. The structure, built by William Turner, was completed in 1860, and the first sermon preached in the church was given by Barnard on Easter Sunday, April 8, 1860. This beautiful church is the oldest religious structure in Oxford, having survived the burning of the town during the Civil War. St. Peter’s was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1975.

“My family are still members of St. Peter’s. I was asked when I was younger to ring the bell during the hostage crisis in Iran. They knew of our connection. So every Saturday I would ring. At first I would ring with the number of days but then that got really long. Then I rang for each hostage.”
–Katie Brandon Coward

“Our Family Church for decades and generations. Whenever I’m there I’m overcome by the memories, comfort, solitude, serenity and the peace of mind that I’m Home.”
–Rusty Faulkner