Monday, December 4, 2023

Capturing Ole Miss History

ole miss history
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As James Meredith receives his diploma, two photographers are standing by the fence snapping away. These two young men went on to contribute greatly to Ole Miss through the decades. The priceless photos of William Faulkner, Oxford and Ole Miss are too many to list. These two also worked closely with, and photographed, five Ole Miss chancellors. The well known photos of Archie Manning and Coach Vaught together were taken by these two in 1969 at Hemingway Stadium.

The photogs in question are, left, Dr. Ed Meek at age 21. Ed was suppose to walk and graduate that day but he knew he’d miss a moment in Ole Miss history. He was a student photographer then, and he wanted the shot! The second photographer, on the right, is my father, Jack Cofield. Dad and Ed worked together most of their professional live at Ole Miss. Ed also knew and worked with my grandfather Cofield and was also there to shake my nephew’s hand, Houston Cofield, when he recently graduated from the Meek School of Journalism. Now I work with Ed at HottyToddy.Com. But rather than “Boss,” I think the title I like best is…My father’s close lifelong friend.