Monday, January 30, 2023

Some Like It Hot — But All Love Food at Pick Thai

The kitchen is a busy place at Pick Thai. All photos by Sarah Beth Wiley.

The friendly owners of Pick Thai, next to the University Inn on Frontage Road know that some like it hot.
The extensive authentic menu of Thai favorites, including Pad Thai, Chicken and Cashews, Spicy Shrimp Soup and dishes made with curry and pepper sauce, will please anyone who enjoys the spicy side of life and food. Don’t fear though. Upon request, Chef and Owner Ax will downplay the heat while satisfying your craving for something colorful, tasty and different.
“I grew up in Houston, Miss., but friends told me Oxford was a great place to serve students and people who like to eat.,” Ax told between customers.
The restaurant has been open a few weeks and Ax and his wife Yuly, who is from Hong Kong originally, say business is picking up with a little help from frequent visitors from nearby FNC and Ole Miss.
Family members cook up delicious Thai cuisine using traditional ingredients and tools.

‘We love Oxford,” Yuly said. “People are starting to know about us and we already have some loyal customers.”
The family has worked in Thai eateries in diverse states, including Arkansas, Missouri and Vermont, which Yuly admits was simply too cold for her family’s liking.
“We serve very authentic Thai food from family recipes, and we know this cuisine is healthy for you,” Ax added.
One diner from FNC, Mari Ko-Lee, said she has been to Pick Thai four or five times and enjoys the food very much. “Everything is authentic and extremely fresh and tasty,” she said. Her favorites are the Spring Rolls.
The menu is extensive.

Tasty food made with love.

The appetizers are worth the trip.

Ask your server to adjust the heat level on a scale of 1-5.

The location is convenient with plenty of parking.

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Photographer Sarah Beth Wiley is Creative Director.