Saturday, September 30, 2023

Smoke Shop and Cookout Catering is Geared Up for Tailgating

Smoke Shop and Cookout Catering, owned by Brad and Meg Hayden, has brought a new style of barbecue to the table with homemade rub and spices. Customers have a choice of brisket, ribs, smoked chicken or pork shoulder, and Brad offers three different types of barbecue sauce, all of which are made from scratch.

“He does a vinegar barbecue sauce that’s really acidic and garlicy,” Meg said. “He does an ancho chile sauce that he makes for the brisket, and he does a white barbecue sauce that’s for the smoked chicken, which is amazing.”

Pork shoulder with a side of beans However, the sauces and the rub aren’t the only thing made from scratch. Brad also pickles his own pickles that are offered with each plate, seasons his own pinto beans from scratch and creates his own coleslaw.

“He pickles the slaw, the cabbage and all the ingredients,” Meg said. “Then, he makes a dressing for it afterward. It’s really good.”

Brad said he even goes so far as to order and grind his own spices that go onto the meat. He wants every thing to be local and as organic as possible.

Use 2“There’s nothing out of a bag,” Brad said. “The pork is all local. It’s from Panola County. Beef is hard to pull off locally or organically. We’re going to try to start sourcing those locally as soon as possible.”

Brad and Meg Hayden ask that customers preorder and pickup from the Farmer’s Market, where they are set up each Saturday at 274 County Road 101 from 7 a.m. until 12 p.m. Meg said the goal is to serve by the pound and hopefully encourage people to choose Smoke Shop and Cookout Catering for tailgating in the Grove.

Meg Hayden prepares plates while Brad Hayden cooks for customers at the Farmer's Market.
Meg Hayden prepares plates while Brad Hayden cooks for customers at the Farmer’s Market.

Smoke Shop and Cookout Catering sells pork shoulder, brisket and ribs by the pound. Customers who order a whole brisket or pork shoulder can enjoy a 15 percent discount off of the purchase. To pre-order Smoke Shop and Cookout Catering, email or call 662-801-5181. Also, check out the Facebook page here.

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