Updated Photos: Friends, Family, Fans Celebrate “Carson Hughes Day” In the Grove


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This Saturday was not only Ole Miss game day, it was also a day to celebrate a favorite Ole Miss alumnus — Carson Hughes of Jackson, Mississippi. Friends and family honored Carson in the Grove this Saturday with “Carson Hughes Day.”

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Hughes is a beloved Sigma Nu alumnus who, even now, keeps his fellow fraternity brothers informed through digital communications. He began his tenure at Ole Miss in the fall of 1965, joined Sigma Nu and has been dedicated to his fraternity and his university through his time, energy and financial resources ever since.


Johnny Maloney, a friend of Hughes also of the Jackson, Mississippi area, joined Sigma Nu during his time at Ole Miss, from 1974 to 1978. But it was in 1968 that Maloney first met Hughes thanks to his brother, Eddie Maloney, who was being recruited by Hughes for Sigma Nu.

“Carson has done so much for Ole Miss, Sigma Nu and the state of Mississippi that the men of Sigma Nu wanted to say thanks for all Carson has done by having a day in his honor,” Maloney said.

Hamp Dye has also been a friend of Carson Hughes since the ‘80s, when Dye pledged Sigma Nu. A bond between Dye, Hughes and other fraternity brothers was formed and has developed over several years through the many connections Ole Miss has provided, such as sporting events.

Dye said that Hughes has always been responsible for updating the Sigma Nu alumni through web blasts, which Dye calls “snake email.”

“Carson is always updating folks on marriages, children, grandchildren and, of course, deaths of friends and brothers… what’s going on in Oxford,” Dye said. “We have 800 Sigma Nu and friends on our web email, and Carson keeps them informed and always adds humor. He’s a witty fellow.”

Dye said this weekend was the best weekend for the Sigma Nu’s and friends to join together to share their appreciation of their dear friend, Carson Hughes.

Everyone gathered near the Grove stage at the Andrews, Wammack, McKenzie, Hays, Boone, Godman and Maloney Tent to the left of the stage on the turf.

“It was very successful. A lot of Carson’s friends showed up. We had a couple of United States senators come by, a bunch of Sigma Nus and friends, recent graduates. It was very, very nice,” Maloney said.