The Funniest Video For Animal Lovers, But With A Great Message


This video by Furkids Animal Rescue and Shelter has recently gone viral and was even featured in the Huffington post. The man in the video is Paul Preston; he tries to get cats adopted by acting like a used car salesman. The video by Furkids Animal Rescue and Shelter is entertaining, but the message behind the video is what’s really important.

There are so many animals in shelters around the world who need homes. There is one shelter in our area that can also benefit from this video and that is the Oxford-Lafayette Humane Society. The Oxford-Lafayette Humane Society has many loving animals, some are black, some are furry, and some may not have a tail, but they all are looking for someone to love them. Check out all the furry friends that await you at the Oxford-Lafayette Humane Society here.

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