Crowded Oxford-Lafayette Humane Society Looking For Foster Parents


During the month of May, the Oxford-Lafayette Humane Society hit peak season inside of the shelter with 493 animals. The humane society offers three different foster programs for community members to take advantage of, if they are willing to lend a helping hand.
According to the Director of the Oxford-Lafayette Humane Society Jenn Petermann, they are always looking for people willing to foster.
“At the shelter, we have a harder time getting black cats, bulldog mixes and lab mixes adopted than any other animals,” Petermann said. “The foster programs offers socialization and interaction for those animals and gives them positive publicity on social media in hopes they will get adopted.”

The foster-to-adopt program allows the foster parent a two-week interval to decide if they would like to adopt the animal and make the commitment. The foster-to-transport program allows the foster parent to keep the animal being transported to another region where it has been adopted until the transport is ready. The original foster program allows the foster parent to simply keep the animal until it has been adopted by another family.
Each foster program allows anyone over the age of 21 who is a homeowner and passes the application process to participate. Anyone under the age of 21 is allowed to participate in the program with parental consent and proper housing accommodations after filling out the application.
There are no fees associated with any of the foster programs when registering and applying. The foster parent is responsible for basic pet care items, however, the foster parent is not responsible for medical expenses of the animal- those will be covered by the humane society. 
“We are always putting out information for the people who are willing to listen and help,” Petermann said. “There is no number limit on the amount of animals from the shelter that we will let be fostered. If we have people wanting to foster, we will make those accommodations.”
If you are interested in joining the Oxford-Lafayette Humane Society Foster Programs or adopting, visit or call them at (662)-236-7631.

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