Meet the Candidates: Cameron Sadler for Miss Ole Miss


Meet Cameron Sadler from Dothan, Alabama, one of four candidates for Miss Ole Miss 2020.

Sadler, an integrated marketing communications major, sat down for an exclusive interview with to explain her platform based around what she calls “service in the process, not service as an end promise”.

“The advice that I offered in my first video to every freshman… is for freshman to come to campus with two open hands ready to recieve and absorb everything the University has to offer,” Sadler said. “And my hope is that by the time every student’s senior year rolls around, that they want to leave with two open hands as well, giving it all back, because they realize how much they’ve received from the University.”

Since she is now a senior, Sadler said that this idea of giving back while still at the university was central to her creation of her Miss Ole Miss campaign.

Ole Miss students will be able to vote for their favorite candidates beginning at 7 a.m. and ending at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, September 29.

Video by Bradford Stewart, IMC student