Apple’s New IOS 14 Update Its Most Customizable Yet


By Alexis Lunsford, Anna Kathryn Rohr and Lydia Mayer
IMC students

Apple released IOS 14 on September 16th, 2020 to iPhone users, and it is considered their most interesting and creative update yet.

IOS 14 users are shocked and excited to explore all the new update has to offer. This update is the most drastic change Apple users have seen to the home screen.

The new update offers a new way to design your home screen through widgets. Widgets are a new and easy way to add functionality to your home screen. They are customizable in not only what can be displayed on them, but the size and format of the widget as well. Widgets also provide shortcuts for information stored in apps you have downloaded.

People have taken IOS 14 as an opportunity to express their creative ideas. People are using widgets to reorganize their home screens and to change the look of each application.

Clark’s IOS 14 Updated Home Screen. Photo by Vanessa Clark.

Social media users have taken it into their own hands to create aesthetically pleasing home screens. The idea has been trending all over social media platforms, especially TikTok. Users have been sharing their creative ideas and tutorials on how to update your personal home screen.

Apple also introduced a new way to organize applications. Users will have the new option to store applications in an App Library, allowing them to be accessible at any time. However, the apps will not be visible on the home screen. 

The Call and Facetime updates are more popular features of IOS 14. With the new update, all calls will show up at the top of the screen, instead of the full screen. This allows users to continue using other applications while on a call. 

Vanessa Clark, a junior at The University of Mississippi, told Hotty Toddy News her opinion about the update.

 “It’s really cool to be able to express our creativity even more through our iPhones,” said Clark. “I never expected to have this much creative freedom on our devices.” 

iPhone users have taken advantage of all the creative opportunities IOS 14 has to offer. To download IOS 14, go to the software update in your iPhone’s general settings.