Check Out the Best Halloween Decorations in Oxford


By Cameron Riser
HottyToddy intern

The fun of Halloween isn’t just for little kids, and these houses prove it. The Daugherty family, The Pannel’s and The Roberson’s, kids and adults alike, have outdone themselves for this year’s spooky season.  

Callie and Gerry Daugherty have only lived in Oxford for one short year, but the homeowners have already thrown their hat in the ring to be one of the best-decorated houses in town.

Outside the Daugherty’s front porch you will find three witches and a life-size baby doll. Photo by Cameron Riser 

“I have always loved watching scary, gory movies as a kid,” said Callie. “Growing up my brother and I would never pass up an opportunity to go to a nearby haunted house.”

Inside her home, Callie has a skeleton and witch-themed table with different trinkets inspired by the horror TV series, “The Walking Dead”.

Skeletons and witches sit down for an evening of dining. Photo by Cameron Riser 
The Pannel’s pose for a family photo dressed as The Addams Family. Photo by Cameron Riser

Another family that looks forward to Oct. 31 a little more than most is The Pannel crew. Katherine and her husband Stephen, along with their kids Anabelle, Charlotte and Beckham took a family photo to celebrate the holiday.

“My mom always had the coolest decorations and made our costumes,” Katherine said. “That, along with the candy and fall weather makes it magical to me.” 

Forty-eight blow-ups are inflated in the Pannel’s yard, and once night time approaches the wacky inflatables light up the dark. Katherine has been collecting the inflatables for over ten years.

inflatables scattered throughout the front yard of the Pannel’s. Photo by Cameron Riser

The decorations on the sidewalk to the family’s porch has with skeletons lined on either side with pathway lights, spiders and pumpkins.

The last family that took Halloween decorating to another level is the Roberson’s. 

Ann Roberson has collected spiders since she was a little girl and wanted to express that interest in her decorations.

A spider web stretches to the road from side of the Roberson’s house. Photo by Cameron Riser

“I wanted to give my house a creepy feel as if the spiders are crawling onto the road,” said Roberson. 

From spine-chilling costumes to eating candy and chocolate from your trick-or-treat basket, there’s much to look forward to in Oxford on the night of Halloween.

Take a tour of the decorations in the video above.