Monday, January 30, 2023

Stories from Rebels who Travel

One of my favorite things about traveling, especially in airports, is meeting other Rebels (and Delta’s Biscoff cookies, of course).
I’ve never been on a trip where I didn’t hear at least one Hotty Toddy from across a crowded food court or in the boarding line. Once, I even startled a woman on a subway in New York who had obviously borrowed her Ole Miss sweatshirt from a friend and had no idea what I was talking about. I get excited when I see the red and blue outside of Oxford.
Yesterday, my new husband and I traveled back from our honeymoon in Mexico and this trip was no exception. On our flight from Cancun to Atlanta were two girls who will be freshmen at Ole Miss next year. One was wearing a ‘Hotty Toddy’ t-shirt, so naturally I handed her my card and told her I’d love to show her around when she comes to visit. We’re meeting up at Double Decker. (Ice breakers are silly. We’re all family, right?)

Joe Harvell's Twitter profile pic.
Joe Harvell’s Twitter profile pic.

Once we landed in Atlanta and finally passed through customs without incident, we found food and met Joe Harvell, who played basketball for Ole Miss from 1989 to 1993 and is still the second leading scorer in school history. He was decked out in his M Club gear, so he was easy to spot. We had a great chat about Marshall Henderson, Hugh Freeze and a promising 2014 football season.
Sitting across from us (us = me, my husband and Ole Miss great Joe Harvell) was another man in an Ole Miss polo. He said he married into the Ole Miss family, but wouldn’t have it any other way. He lives in Memphis with his wife and family, but makes regular trips to Oxford.
After a week of omelets that looked suspiciously like burritos, my husband telling everyone that I speak Spanish (which I don’t), and lounging by the pool with a gaggle of iguanas, it was good to be close to home and mingling with familiar faces.
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Hotty Toddy from Riviera Maya!

Living it up in Mexico! Sweet hat, right?