Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Oxford Daily Crime Report for Friday through Sunday, Sept. 5-7

Oxford Police Department responded to calls for the following incidents: 11 suspicious persons, a suspicious activity, three animal complaints, 14 false alarms, 21 disturbances, three ambulance assists, two larcenies, two simple assaults, three welfare concerns, two attempted suicides, an improper parking, an obscene electronic communication, a malicious mischief, an open door, a lost property, an abandoned vehicle as well as 21 calls for service such as escorts to the bank, motorist assists and so on.
Oxford Police Department also investigated 8 wrecks, issued 78 tickets, and made 25 arrests for the following charges: (5) noise violations, (5) careless drivings with DUIs (3) public drunks, (2) drug paraphernalia, (2) minor in possession of alcohol, a speeding with DUI, a careless driver running a red light with a DUI, a possession of marijuana with reckless driving, a possession of marijuana in vehicle, a speeding with suspended drivers’ license and no car insurance, a careless driving with a possession of schedule II narcotic and a DUI to first degree, a warrant served for unpaid fines and a warrant served for Water Valley for an aggravated assault charge.
Oxford Police Department discovered 28 code enforcement violations: (20) trash can violations, (3) unlicensed cabs via Uber, a taxi not properly marked, a littering, a junk car and appliances, a warning for cars in yard not running and a warning for improperly parked trailer.
The University Police Department responded to a suspicious person at Residential College, a computer crime at Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity house, vandalism on vehicle on Fraternity Row, an accidental hit and run at Dormitory Row, an accidental vehicle property damage at South Lot, a service call for an ambulance at Minor Hall, an accidental vehicle property damage at Rebel Drive, a disturbance via loud music and unnecessary noises at Northgate Apartments, an accidental vehicle property damage at Crosby Hall, a disturbance via loud music and unnecessary noises at Kincannon Lot, a trespasser at Galtney Lot Plaza, and a disturbance at Campus Walk.
The Oxford Fire Department responded to an alarm set off by burned food at South Residential College #108, an alarm set off by a heat detector in the basement activated by cleaning steam at Natural Products, a public service call at 1606 Grand Oaks, a smoke detector malfunction on third floor at Croft Institute, a wreck with entrapment in which the department extricated one person at Highway 7 South and Highway 9 fork, a call to check for a gas leak due to a vehicle running into the house and breaking a gas line at 123 Eagle Point Loop, a cancelled call for a wreck at Highway 30 East, a fire alarm set off as a prank at Brown Hall and a yet another third floor smoke detector malfunction at Croft Institute.
All photographs and listings in Oxford Daily Crime Report are provided by law enforcement personnel as part of the public record, to The persons depicted are not guilty of any crime until conviction by a court of law.