Sunday, April 2, 2023

Hub Gym Sees Rise in Non-resident Use of Gym, Facilities


The Hub at Oxford provides residents with access to amenities that can facilitate a healthier and more relaxing lifestyle. However, has the race towards a healthier lifestyle motivated non-residents to take advantage of these amenities as well?

Hub resident and Ole Miss junior business management student Reality Williams said, “I go to the gym because it helps me release stress and just escape for a little bit.”

IMG_3445The Hub, which opened to their first residents in August 2013, is modern apartment style living property, housing a large amount of Ole Miss students.

Williams said, “I’ve noticed a lot of people that workout and use the sauna in The Hub don’t live there.”

Williams uses the gym at least four times a week, as well as using the sauna after each workout session. Williams also included she enjoys all the provided amenities of the Hub, but specifically the gym. The Hub’s website lists their amenities to include fitness facilities containing both basketball and volleyball courts, tanning facilities, steam and sauna rooms, plus a 24/7 gym with an on-request yoga fitness room as well as private women and men’s locker rooms.

“The Hub’s workout facility is much nicer than others in Oxford,” Williams said.

The wide variety of cardio machines with attached individual televisions, provide a more enjoyable workout experience and her time spent at the gym allows personal time to herself, which hasn’t been affected by the amount of non-residents using the Hub’s gym.

Property manager of the Hub Lauren Stewart agreed with Williams. “There’s not much missing from the Hub’s premiere fitness center,” she said.

imgStewart said the staff of the Hub is aware non-residents attempt to utilize the Hub’s fitness center and amenities. Stewart said she recognizes that because of the high quality of weight and cardio equipment the Hub offers to their residents, more people enjoy the Hub’s fitness center.

Stewart included the Hub’s gym offers one of the best fitness experience in all of Oxford. However she said, “one of the great perks of living here is that it is a resident-only area. We do have rules in place that state only residents can use our fitness center and other amenities.”

“I’ve heard of students going to the Hub strictly to use the sauna,” Aerobics and Fitness Association of America certified personal trainer Robert Kirby said.

Stewart explained the fitness center is locked at all hours of the day during the week and is only accessible with a resident key. The facility is monitor and patrolled on a regular basis.

img-1Stewart said, in order to maintain a positive living environment and in effort to keep our residents feeling comfortable using their amenities, “if a non-resident is found using the fitness center, we ask those persons to leave.”

“I think the reason some students choose the Hub gym over other gyms whether they are residents or not is because they all have friends who live there, and exercising with friends can be more enjoyable than being alone,” Kirby said.

Kirby, who currently trains those looking to maintain a healthy exercise routine at the Turner Center on the Oxford campus, said he’s aware of students who have memberships and enjoy other gyms around Oxford elsewhere. However, Kirby included although parking on campus has been expressed by some of his clients as difficult to find, he suggested that the Turner Center is a great facility and is free for students.

Kirby said working out on a regular basis is not only great for your body, but also your mind and energy. Kirby said he believes by going to the gym on a regular basis a person could enjoy a longer, healthier, and happier life.

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