Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Movin’ on Up: Oxford-Based Company Sells Wholesome Dog Food at Whole Foods

Janet McCarty saved an abandoned puppy three years, and that good deed spurred a company that focuses on the well-being of our canine companions.

CottonsCafeMcCarty has been selling her homemade dog treats around Oxford for a few years, but now she’s been discovered by health food giant Whole Foods. Cotton’s Café, a dog treat “barkery,” offers four flavors: squash apple honey, blueberry honey, sweet potato honey and peanut butter honey.

“These treats are made with all natural products, no weird chemicals nor artificial ingredients. The treats aren’t preserved with salt since salt isn’t healthy for dogs either, just like with the humans,” McCarty said. She truly believes her slogan, “If we won’t eat it, your dog won’t eat it.”

In Oxford, the eight-ounce bags can be found at Hollywood Feed, Bottle Tree Bakery, Holli’s Sweet Tooth, Mississippi Madness, The Frame Up, The Barn, Local Flavor, Oxford Floral, Mid-Town Farmer’s Market, Oxford City Market, The Z Bed and Breakfast, Paws Animal Hospital and Homeward Bound. One pond containders of the treats can also be ordered online via Etsy and Amazon.

The company makes approximately 700 bags per week and services 35 stores in Mississippi and Louisiana, using only ingredients from Mississippi farms.

For more on the company, visit the website and follow Cotton’s Cafe on Facebook.

Amelia Camurati is editor of and can be reached at

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