Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Southern So & So: My Turtle Pome

               (CARL W. HARDEMAN, Collierville, TN.  mymaters@yahoo.com)
                Today when I was hoeing beans,
                Both bush and Blue Lake pole,
                I got trampled by a box turtle,
                Out for a morning stroll.
                The Good Book says from dust to dust,
                But it seems a little early.
                I gather my wits and hat,
               Trying not to be mean or surly.
               I hoed and pulled and weeded them beans,
               Faster than a digging cat.
               I’ll get er all done all nice and neat,
               If that turtle don’t come back.
               I stop to rest and wipe my brow,
               Hoe resting upon my chin.
               I can’t worry about little thangs,
              Oops he comes again.