Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Southern So & So: How I Became “Archie”

By Robert Woolfolk
Christiana, TN

Shortly after I started my freshman year at Ole Miss my friends and I decided to play some touch football.  Being a warm September day I was only wearing a T-shirt and cutoffs and going barefoot. I don’t remember exactly what happened but I ended up with a broken big toe.

Someone took me to the infirmary where a crotchety old doctor told me the joint was chipped and there was nothing he could do for me and I should stay off it as much as possible.  He did not even give me any pain meds or offer me any crutches, though it
was extremely painful for me to put any weight on my left leg.
So as I hobbled around campus the next few weeks my nickname was “Gimp.”  I probably would have been stuck with that name if it wasn’t for the fact that I bore a slight resemblance to a guy named Archie Manning who had graduated the year before.
More than one person had asked if I was kin to Archie but the catch was when my friends and I were at a post-game frat party and a cute girl asked me if I was related to Archie.
Before I could say “No”, one of my quick thinking buddies jumped in and said, “Yes, this is his little brother!”  Of course, then everyone wanted to know if I played football, but I said that, sadly, a knee injury had ended my career.
After that, all my dorm friends called me Archie for the rest of my Ole Miss career.