Saturday, May 28, 2022

Ole Miss Baseball Players Have More Adrenalin With Fans Back

Sara Brooks Adams/Journalism Student

Swayze Field is back and better than ever now that it is full at 100% capacity. The Rebels are 16-4 and after this weekend against Auburn managed to remain No. 4 in the country, but it’s not over yet.

Student tickets sell out instantly for every game now that the student section is back in action.

“Sports are such a huge part of college, especially here at Ole Miss. Some of my favorite college memories have been made in right field,” said Zach Blaine, an Ole Miss student and baseball fan from California.

Blaine said that a right field beer shower after an Ole Miss home run is an experience like no other and is guaranteed to get everyone in the stadium up and on their feet cheering.

Ole Miss vs. Auburn at Swayze Field

“Being from California, the sports scene is not taken as seriously, so it has been such a cool experience here at Ole miss because sports are almost considered a culture,” he said.

The fans are not the only ones thrilled to be back in Swayze stadium. Ole Miss pitcher Logan Savell says they are just as excited to have everyone back.

Swayze field is back and better than ever. Fans and players have high hopes for baseball season 2021.

“Having fans in Swayze adrenalizes the players and helps us play better,” Savell said. “Fans are such a huge part of our program, and hearing the fans cheer when you’re on the mound or anywhere else on the field is truly such a great feeling.”

Baseball season is far from over with many exciting games and tournaments to come.