Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Carleigh’s Corner: A Look Through my Lens at Ole Miss Baseball

By: Carleigh Holt

HottyToddy Intern

Photo by Carleigh Holt

Last weekend brought the first SEC baseball series for Ole Miss this season as the Rebels hosted the Tennessee Volunteers. I was able to attend all three games. Although Ole Miss lost the series, I was able to snap some action of the Rebels. 

I was excited about going to the first SEC series of the season, especially since some of my friends and family are Tennessee fans. I was curious to see how an Ole Miss-Tennessee game would go since the encounter was not good during football season, with a golf ball thrown at coach Lane Kiffin. I ran out onto the field Friday when Kiffin was throwing a golf ball for the first pitch. That picture quickly became a meme on social media.

Photo by Carleigh Holt

I was constantly getting texts throughout the game saying, “y’all won’t be number one for long if the game keeps going this way.” Although the first game did not go in the Rebels’ favor, I was hopeful for Saturday’s game. I also was hoping to get more pictures of a beer shower after a home run or a baseball player’s happy emotions after a good play. 

The Rebels lost Saturday’s game in a blowout, so it was very disappointing to watch Rebel fans leave the stadium since the score was not close. One good thing that I found was good angles of the Rebel team members since my camera lens only reaches so far. My highlight of the game was spotting Matt Corral and Braylon Sanders in the stands when a foul ball was hit their way. I was quite impressed that Braylon caught the foul ball. 

My favorite baseball uniforms were worn by the team on Sunday. The powder blue uniforms are very aesthetically pleasing to my eye. The lighting was very good for a 1:30 p.m. game, and I got the best action shots from this game. 

Although Ole Miss was swept in the Tennessee series, they came back Tuesday with a win over North Alabama, a 20-3 win that had plenty of home run as well as positive emotions.