Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Hotty Toddy, Gosh Almighty, What Sport School Are We?

By Abby Maschhoff

IMC Student

Photo courtesy of BroBible.com

What comes to mind when you think about Ole Miss sports?  I think of the Grove and Saturdays in the Vaught, but I mostly think about weekends full of “Love is Gone” and Dollar Dog days at Swayze.

When it comes down to it, I believe that, in light of the fan bases, Ole Miss has turned into a baseball school.

The first football game of this season is behind us after an extended baseball season that ended in Omaha with our Rebels as the 2022 National Champions.

Ole Miss baseball never travels alone, though, so the Rebels surely weren’t alone when the they made the trek to Omaha.  Our Mississippi fan base was complimented over and over about our spontaneity and sheer love for the boys in the navy jerseys out on that field.

Not to say that we Ole Miss fans dislike football season; that is definitely not the case. But we can’t deny that we are infamously known to leave almost every football game early.  The student section clears out way before the Alma Mater is sung after the game.  On the other hand, baseball games don’t seem to clear out as quickly.

Maybe it’s just because we like to keep the party going and can’t wait four, long quarters.

Don’t get me wrong, the Grove is arguably the most famous thing about this campus, but I think tailgating is a completely different animal.  There’s no doubt in the world that Ole Miss is a tailgating school, but it isn’t necessarily a football school when it comes to talking about the fan base.

The fans’ support for the football team is great, but it tends to stop after the Walk of Champions or after halftime, whereas the support of the baseball team stays strong after “Love is Gone” plays during the seventh inning stretch in hopes of more beer showers.

I enjoy watching all Ole Miss sports, but I think students and fans in general like watching the Rebels play baseball just a little bit more than football.

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