Thursday, September 21, 2023

Attention Deficit Delight, Vol. 2

Commode Riders
Green ideas: Dudes on re-purposed commodes.

Undiagnosed, disconnected thoughts of the week

By Tad Wilkes, Nightlife & Lifestyles Editor
Various postulates and brain farts on …

Politics and Race

So, a handful of sheltered dorks enrolled at Ole Miss and brought their breeding of hatred and ignorance with them, got drunk, and yelled racial slurs at other students in “protest” of Obama winning the election. I’m going out on a limb to guess these kids attend an all-white “academy” out of state—and came here based on their misperception of what Ole Miss is about—and literally have never interacted meaningfully with people of other races. My suggestion? The chancellor should order that they undergo training from the trombone guy at the Apollo on how to behave in the outside world:

Bad Andy

I love The Andy Griffith Show. I also love when Andy Griffith played sociopaths in movies, such as in A Face in the Crowd and in Pray for the Wildcats, in which he is a disturbing ad exec on a wilding trip in Mexico. Here, non-textbook Ange rolls up on a textbook hippie, following up on an earlier altercation at a cantina:


Hair Peace Meets Hairpiece

Speaking of breaking typecast, the same year Pray for the Wildcats came out, the Walrus appeared on Monday Night Football:


One Zillion B.C.

Several years later, former Beatles stool-squatter and loveable, butt-rotten vocalist Ringo Starr would diversify and also cross paths with the NFL as well when he starred in Caveman, with, among others, John Matuszak.



Hey Nobel Prize committee, I don’t generally like to tell people what to do. But run down to the trophy shop and have them make another Nobel Prize, then wrap it up in bubble wrap extra safe, take it to the FedEx store, and get it to these mugs as fast as you can.

Commode Riders
Green ideas: Dudes on re-purposed commodes.

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