Saturday, March 25, 2023

Halftime at The Egg Bowl

Delta Magazine Publisher, Scott Coopwood and daughter, Travis. Scott is a blogger for
“When I was her age, at halftime, the Ole Miss Rebel football team would enter their dressing room just a few feet from this spot to my right where Travis and I are standing. My father would always make certain that I was there to watch the team leave the field and enter their dressing room. You could hear them coming long before you could see them and the sound would echo throughout all of this concrete. The closer the team got to the dressing room, the louder the sound became and by the time they passed by us, I could hardly stand it because I was so excited! Especially when Archie Manning played. Daddy and I would always yell out at Archie and he would give a nice wave to us as he jogged by with the team. That was 41 years ago.

Cindy, Travis, and I had a great time running into people in the Grove, especially some of my fraternity brothers that I have not seen in 25 years. The game was excellent, however the cold weather that night was brutal!”