Tuesday, November 29, 2022

John Cofield's Oxford & Ole Miss –– Showing the Red & Blue in Afghanistan

Ole Miss alumni display their Rebel pride wherever they are. Even if they are in the middle of a war zone. Here University of Mississippi boys Eric Nix, Phi Delt from Jackson, and Justin Haynes, Sigma Nu from Marks, show their Ole Miss spirit while serving in Afghanistan. The two Mississippi natives served with Bravo Company 1/23 in Afghanistan in 2011. The photo was taken at a Marine patrol base in Helmond Province.
“We had just gotten up that morning, and we were were getting ready to go out on patrol,” said Haynes, who now resides in Oxford. Haynes said he and Nix had Internet access at their main Camp Dwyer base in Afganistan that allowed them to check scores and keep up with Ole Miss football while serving in the military.
“While we were in Afghanistan, we sent a letter to Jared Plummer, one of the team trainers at the time, saying how much Rebel football meant to us and how much it made us appreciate home. It wasn’t too long before we received the flag in a package from Ole Miss Athletics.”