Sunday, December 4, 2022

Tommy “The Tub” Tuberville Strikes Again

Tommy Tuberville
Tommy Tuberville

New Cincinnati coach leaves Texas Tech recruits at the dinner table
By Adam Brown, sports intern
Ole Miss fans will no doubt recall the famous words of Coach Tommy Tuberville some years back when asked about rumors that he would be leaving Ole Miss to accept the head coach position at Auburn University.
“They’ll have to carry me out of here in a pine box,” the Tub stated. Then, right after the 1998 Egg Bowl, he promptly left Oxford on a plane headed to the plains of Auburn.
You would think that the trail of angry fans he left behind in Oxford would have given him pause to not make such a foot-in-mouth comment again. But in the wake of the Tub’s recent announcement that he is leaving his coaching job at Texas Tech to become the head coach at the University of Cincinnati, it appears that the Tub is still giving fans the finger.
According to a report in USA Today, the night before Tuberville was announced as the next coach at Cincinnati, he sat down to have dinner with a few new recruits for Texas Tech in Lubbock and literally did a disappearing act.
He excused himself before dinner and never returned to the table, Devonte Danzey, a junior college recruit, told
Just before Tuberville vanished, Danzey asked him how long he planned to coach at Tech. Tuberville reportedly did his best not to answer the question.
Ed Meek, publisher of and assistant vice chancellor for public relations at Ole Miss at the time of the coach’s rumored departure,  was tasked by the Ole Miss chancellor to go and see Tuberville  to discuss his longevity.
“He assured me that he was not having discussions with Auburn,” Meek recalls, adding,  “He left the next day.”