Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Pandora with Ralph

Pandora with Ralph, the Non-Tech, Tech Guy
Ralph Braseth is an Ole Miss/Oxford expat living in Chicago, where he teaches journalism at Loyola University.
Let’s say you like three radio stations. In the old days, you would have to turn the dial among them to get the full range of music that you like to hear.
But not any more. Now, you can program them to exactly the kind of music you want.
And even better, he software can even guess what you want to hear. It’s one of the most amazing technologies out there.
Listen on your computer, your smart phone, your smart TV, and even the radio in your car.
Ladies and gents, I present Pandora to you. If you love music, you’ll love this.
Bad news is, it’s very expensive. Just kidding. It’s free.

Pandora Radio from ralph braseth on Vimeo.