Saturday, December 9, 2023

Corndog Christmas Continues

David Lonesome
Lonesome Skeeter, head corndog.

Corndogs of Love keep cheer chooglin’ at Snackbar tonight

Those not ready to let go of the yuletide spirit can direct themselves to Snackbar tonight, where Lonesome Skeeter and his Lonesome Corndogs of Love will be performing Christmas (and other) tunes. Musicians joining in the jingle bell schlock will include Trey Lyons, David “Harry” Lonesome, Betsy “Ms. Petsy” Chapman, Laurie “Lonesome” Woods, Mali “Homesick” Scott, Will “Big E” Atkinson, Luke and Amy “Lonesome Love Cannon” Fisher, and Atlanta saxophonist extraordinaire Daryl “Lonesome Harry” Dunn.
The music should start around 9:30.