Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Rebels Moving Forward

Multimedia Video by Sarah Bracey Penn and Lauren McMillin
Multimedia Video by Sarah Bracy Penn and Lauren McMillin

Students in Dr. Mark K. Dolan’s Journalism 301 media history class produced multimedia pieces focusing on those voices at Ole Miss which are different from their own, voices seldom heard, but that are part of the University’s campus identity. The goal was to have students interview a person unlike themselves in some fundamental way and to give that person a voice through multimedia storytelling, creating their own first draft of history, as journalists before them, and with an eye to diversity.
In the first of four multimedia posts, Ole Miss students Sarah Bracy Penn and Lauren McMillin interview a staff member at the J.D. Williams Library on how the library  contributes to campus diversity 50 years after the University’s integration in 1962 by James Meredith.