Tuesday, December 6, 2022

The Outlaw Biker Rides Again

IMG_7726Tyler Keith returns for encore of rock-infused stage play

By Tad Wilkes, Nightlife & Lifestyles Editor


Photos by Mike Stanton, mikstanton@gmail.com

The show was such a rollicking hit—and so much leather-clad fun for for its cast—that The Outlaw Biker, brainchild of rocker Tyler Keith (pictured left), is rumbling back to the stage on January 18—this time at the Lyric Theatre. Click here to read all about the play.

Keith’s homage to biker films of the ’60s debuted on Halloween, 2012, and centers around the supernatural presence of the Outlaw biker, “who rides with no gang, who can stomp any gang,” said Keith before the show’s debut. The mythical, looming figure touches the lives of a variety of miscreants, wholesome travelers, and other doomed characters.

“Loud, vile, infantile and gloriously perverse, it’s a musical with something for everyone—assuming that everyone likes knife fights, drunken orgies, gonzo journalism, corruption of minors, abuse of the elderly, leather fetishism, and tastefully choreographed sodomy,” says David Shirley, a member of the cast, in his promotion of the show on Facebook. Shirley’s outlandish, sensational hucksterism is fitting to go along with the outsized action and drama of The Outlaw Biker, which features 13 songs by Keith, performed by a live four-piece rock ensemble.

The Outlaw Biker performance is at 8 p.m., January 18, at the Lyric Theatre at 1006 Van Buren Avenue in Oxford.


Photos from the Halloween, 2012, debut of The Outlaw Biker. Click photos to enlarge.

Photographer Mike Stanton’s work can be sampled at fairtrade-photos.com.