Wednesday, September 27, 2023

John Mathis Named Best Wedding Photographer

Mathis Named Best Wedding Photographer for 2013 By The Knot MagazineBatesville photographer John Mathis has been named The Knot magazine’s best wedding photographer for 2013.

The magazine’s editor’s selected Mathis for the award based on his body of wedding images posted online and on reviews from brides.

Throughout his career, Mathis has traveled the globe in search of unique weddings and special moments. Mathis is also a popular commercial photographer, having photographed hundreds of famous actors, models, politicians and other dignitaries.

Mathis’ The Wedding Series is currently featured in the Gallery, which readers can view by clicking on the Gallery icon on the Home page menu bar.

The collection incorporates weddings from all over America and some from various parts of the globe.

“Wedding photography is a revealing art form in that it captures raw emotion, moments of poignancy, as well as soaring ideals, all while telling a story,” Mathis says. “The interpretation of that story is up to the viewer, as it should be. However, these works were made with the intention of being experienced as well as to provoke thought.”

Mathis lives in Batesville, Mississippi, with his wife, Kay. His two daughter, Meg and Cherry, are currently students at Ole Miss.