Monday, March 27, 2023

Cultural Cornerstone at OM

Homage to William FaulknerThis limited edition print, “Homage To William Faulkner #1” was created by Professor John Winter in 1973 as former Ole Miss Chancellor Porter L. Fortune, Jr., announced the formation of The Cultural Center. The Cultural Center today incorporates the University Museums; Rowan Oak, home of William Faulkner; Stark Young Home; Memory House, the former residence of John Faulkner, now housing the University Foundation, the Faulkner Trail and Woods, and the The Gertrude Ford Performing Arts Center. The concept of the Cultural Center was developed by four faculty and staff members — Dr. Gerald Walton, the late Dr. Bruce Huneycutt, Dr. Pete Bruening, Dr. Frank Anderson and Ed Meek — who presented the idea to Chancellor Fortune, who made it the cornerstone of his administration.