Monday, May 29, 2023

Lunch Watch: I Think It Was a Gyro

GyroGas station quickie delivers the delicious

By Tad Wilkes, Nightlife & Lifestyles Editor

Dang. That was something. It hit the spot.

I’m pretty sure it was a gyro. Yes, they definitely said it was a gyro.

It was in the hot case at James Food Center. Not this James Food Center. The new one. I had not eaten breakfast, so I sprinted in to grab a quick snack of Chex Mix before a meeting, and then that tightly rolled gyro caught my eye. I scurried back to the office and sucked it down like I had the flu and it were Robitussin—followed hastily by my gobbling the aforementioned Chex Mix as well. I wolfed out.

Then I realized I should tell somebody about the glorious treat, but the gyro was there and gone so fast, I’d neglected to snap a photo. So, the drawing above is my crude rendering of what I’m fairly certain it was, scribbled in the throes of a full-on gyro high.

Please avail yourself of the deliciousness that awaits you at James Food Center, at 505 West Jackson Avenue. Get some stamps next door, too, as you’ll want to write home about the gyro.

By the way, the Chex Mix was underwhelming, at least as a companion to the gyro. I tried the Bold Party Mix flavor, which purportedly features added Worchestershire and onion flavors, but it tasted like plain old Chex Mix to me. Next time, it’s back to Brim’s Salt & Vinegar chips.