Friday, June 9, 2023

Faulkner Alley

Faulkner Alley –– John Cofield's Oxford & Ole Miss
Photo on left: Bill Benrose/ Photo on right: Michele McCormick

As a child, William Falkner would walk to the Square from his parent’s house at the corner of University Avenue and South Lamar Boulevard. In the middle of the row of businesses on the southwest section of the Oxford Square was a ‘cut through’ alley about ten feet wide.

Later, in the 1950s, the police station was located in Faulkner Alley. In the 70’s, it was “Shine” Morgan’s record store. Still later, in the 80’s, the alley was opened again and and turned into an easy short cut from the Square to the parking lot on South Lamar.

Today, it’s an Oxford and Faulkner landmark and a Leadership Lafayette group is using original art pieces, inspired by William Faulkner, as part of an effort to make Faulkner Alley on the Square more attractive to visitors and to discourage vandals.