Thursday, March 23, 2023

ASB President Questions Judicial Council Decision

Photo By Jared Senseman
Photo By Jared Senseman

Ruling By ASB Judicial Council Under Investigation

By Jared Sensemanjunior journalism major, Meek School of Journalism and New Media

Ole Miss students are left with unanswered questions in regard to the ASB’s deeming of the title “Colonel Reb” unconstitutional. Many are unsure whether or not the situation was handled appropriately.

“I don’t think the students had a voice in this decision,” Current ASB president Gregory Alston stated in an email interview.

The decision to declare the Col. Reb title unconstitutional was made by the Judicial Council on March 25, the night before new ASB officers were sworn into office. The ruling was based on an anonymous complaint by students, “and the Judicial Council took the appropriate steps to hear the complaint,” former Judicial Chair Courtney Pearson told the Daily Mississippian student newspaper.

But Alston, who was involved with the ASB senate for two years, believes the process may have skipped some steps altogether.

“I don’t agree with the process. There was an anonymous complaint that was filed to the judicial council after this resolution did not even pass through committee on Senate. It wasn’t even voted on by the Senate,” he said.

“Since I have been involved with ASB I have never heard of an anonymous complaint.”

While the new ASB president cannot repeal the current decision, it can be deemed unconstitutional, which would leave it invalid and not to be enforced.

“Overturning this ruling would not fall in my power. However I do hope that we will work together to revise the ASB Code and Constitution, and make a commitment to transparency,” he said.

When asked for a statement regarding the ASB decision, the university declined to comment.

ASB Constitution

Abs judicial decision:

The official statement from the ASB judicial committee on the standing of the anonymous complaint that deems Colonel Reb unconstitutional.
Attorney General Matt Kiefer explains that his office was kept in the dark about the Col Reb process. According to Kiefer the judicial branch overstepped their jurisdiction and ignored proper procedure.