Wednesday, November 29, 2023

ASB’s Alston to Meet with Courtney Pearson

ASB President Gregory Alston/ Photo By Jared Senseman
ASB President Gregory Alston/ Photo By Jared Senseman

By Jared Senseman, junior journalism major, Meek School of Journalism and New Media

Ole Miss ASB President Gregory Alston told today that he will be meeting with former Judicial Chair Courtney Pearson on Wednesday evening “in an effort to fully understand the process that was used by the ASB Judicial Council on the ruling concerning Co. Reb.”

A decision on the constitutionality of the unanimous decision by the Judicial Council on March 25 was reportedly to have been announced on Monday, but Alston said that the investigation was ongoing, and he added that he was not sure when our decision will be made.

“This investigation is one that has not been explored before, but is fully protected by the Constitution of the ASB.”

At the time of the Judicial Council ruling, Alston  expressed concerns and reservations about the decision.

“I don’t think the students had a voice in this decision,” Alston said.

The decision also has been called into question on procedural and constitutional grounds by former ASB attorney general Matthew Kiefer.

In a letter signed by Kiefer and Deputy Attorney General for Code and Constitution Pierce Lee, the two noted:

“According to Rule 3 of Section 101 on page 42 of the ASB Code and Constitution, the complaint must satisfy five conditions. According to the first two conditions, the complaint must identify both the complainant and the defendant, and whether either party involved is a student, an officer of an organization, or a member of the ASB. This requirement is impossible to fulfill with an anonymous complaint.”