Friday, June 2, 2023

Appetizer Watch: Volta’s Hotty Toddy Balls

HT BallsThe secret to Greek tavern’s popular fried starter

Volta Taverna’s novel Hotty Toddy Balls would appear to be mere balls of mashed potatoes dropped into a fryer. And they aren’t much more complicated than that, but their popular flavor owes to the fact that there’s more to the mix than mere spuds.

Volta Owner Brooke Boral says the Hotty Toddy Balls are made with garlic mashed potatoes, mozzarella cheese, and bacon, coated in an egg wash, and dipped in ranch-seasoned flour. The finished product is served with ranch dressing for dipping. Usher it along with a Volta margarita, follow it with a lamb and beef gyro, and I believe you’re full. Go home. Lie down. Smile.

Volta Taverna is located at 710 North Lamar Boulevard. — Tad Wilkes