Thursday, May 26, 2022

Sandwich Watch: Fresh is Key at Bistro Burger

Bistro BurgerNever-frozen beef brings big flavor at new restaurant.

Opened by Madhu Ankisetty, owner of nearby Maharaja Indian Cuisine, Bistro Burger is putting a fresh slant on the American bunned classic. Located at 2580 West Jackson—next door to Game Stop and just two doors down from Maharaja—the new eatery uses only high-quality beef.

“We cut them every morning, so they’re fresh, never frozen,” explains Manager Heath Riddle, who says the beef is hand-pattied and cooked to order. Chicken sandwiches, wraps, and more are also made to order. Bistro Burger will offer weekly specials and create new items—such as forthcoming grilled sweet potatoes, homestyle potatoes, and fried okra—on an ongoing basis (scroll down this page to see menus).

Riddle says the most popular menu choices thus far at the Oxford restaurant, opened this spring, are the namesake Bistro Burger and the Rodeo Cheeseburger. — Tad Wilkes

Bistro Burger


Bistro Burger Menu