Monday, June 27, 2022

Roast of the Town: Emileigh’s Meaty Makeover

Emileigh's Kitchen's lunch (pictured) will see some upgrades under rebranding as Roasted.
Emileigh’s Kitchen’s lunch (pictured) will see some upgrades under rebranding as Roasted.

Bakery remains the same, but restaurant will be a ‘better version’

Emileigh’s Bakery and Emileigh’s kitchen have made a name with housemade cakes, delicious lunches, and much more, but owners John and Linda Fleming believe they can do even better. Their new vision opens soon under the name Roasted.

“We are taking the restaurant side of what we do, and we are turning it into Roasted Food Company,” explains John Fleming. “The bakery will still exist in the same spot, and they are still connected. People will pick up their birthday cakes and everything inside Roasted. We’ll still have a bakery case of Emileigh’s cupcakes and everything. Roasted will be a better version of the restaurant than we were before, and we’re going to be heavier on the market side than before, as far as casseroles, chicken salad, pimiento cheese—all kind of quick gourmet items you can grab and go with.”

But the meat of the matter is, well, the meat.

“The name ‘Roasted’ is because we’ll have three meats every day: a mojo roasted chicken, jerk roasted pork loin, and a slow-cooked beef brisket,” Fleming explains. “We’ll have six rotating sides every day. What’s special about our meats is they’ll be put in a brine before they are roasted. It is making a huge difference in the taste. The brine locks in the flavors and juices.”

Roasted will be open for breakfast and lunch seven days a week for dining, with the market open all day until 7 p.m. The lunch menu will feature a number of new salads at lunch, including as a no-mayo salad, not previously available in Emileigh’s Kitchen. The layout remains about the same, but with new furnishings and a refrigerated cases to expand the market portion’s offerings.

Four or five different homemade condiments each day—such as red onion marmalade, sundried tomato jam, and various chutneys—add to the dynamic and allow guests to customize sandwiches.

Roasted/Emileigh’s is at 401 South Lamar Boulevard.

— Tad Wilkes,



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