Monday, March 27, 2023

Acting Like a Caveman (or Woman) for Health and Fitness: Part 1

images-2Eat like a caveman.

The life of a caveman was simple.  Aside from the occasional run in with a lion, they didn’t do much aside from eat, hunt, and sleep.  Sure, cavemen didn’t have the technological (or hygienic) benefits we have today, but they didn’t have to worry about all of the health problems many Americans live with. Cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and every other disease related to obesity that plague our society were pretty much nonexistent to our cavemen ancestors.

Why? It’s quite simple really. As I’m sure you know, another name for caveman is “hunter-gatherer”. Everything that cavemen ate was either hunted (for meat, or “fished” for seafood), or gathered (in the form of vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds).  These foods were not exposed to the “enhancement” techniques that layer salt, fat, and sugar on to make them more appealing.  Not only that, but these are real foods not manufactured, processed, or preserved in a factory, making them much more nutrient dense and good for you.

If you want to live a healthy lifestyle, act like a caveman and eat what they ate-fruits, vegetables, meats, nuts, and other REAL foods. Your body will thank you.

Jon Lundahl is an Exercise Science (Neuromechanics) Master’s student at the University of Mississippi. He works as a personal trainer at the Turner Center, as well as a graduate instructor and research assistant in the Health, Exercise Science, and Recreation Management Department. He is currently participating in a summer internship with the strength and conditioning staff at Georgia Tech.
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