Friday, May 14, 2021

Bariatric Patients to Be Introduced at SEMO Game

Dr. Michael King“Losers” will take the field as winners in weight loss.

When the Ole Miss Rebels host Southeast Missouri on September 7, Rebel sponsor Oxford Bariatric will introduce on the field a few patients with weight loss surgery success stories. OB’s Dr. Michael King (pictured) is a former athlete for the Rebels and in helping people lose weight, his dedicated approach is similar to Coach Freeze’s “win the day” attitude. So far, Dr. King’s patients have lost 127,605 pounds—over 63 tons.

Dr. King says he is “excited about this opportunity to introduce the Ole Miss fans to a few of the outstanding patients who have changed their lives through weight loss surgery.”

Bariatric surgery is for individuals who battle with losing weight. Visit to learn more about the work of Dr. King and Dr. Karan Bath.

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