Sunday, April 2, 2023

The New Face of Steeplechase

SteeplechaseYow spearheads renewed development of upscale subdivision West of town.

Not so long ago, in a land not so far away, there lived a man with a dream. His dream was to create the premier local community, where folks would flock to build magnificently beautiful homes, perch them atop a vast selection of rolling hilltops, and enjoy a luxurious, peaceful existence, while nestled securely amongst a shroud of trees.

With an “if you build it, they will come” philosophy he launched the Steeplechase subdivision, about halfway between Oxford and Batesville. By constructing a great wall (fence) that spanned the width of the entire community, he not only fortified the upcoming estate homes with an otherworldly level of security, but he also visually attracted potential buyers, folks who might otherwise have never even heard of the development.

Unfortunately for Tommy White of White Development Corporation, an experienced developer from Olive Branch, the housing market would soon take a plunge. With so much uncertainty surrounding new government regulations, combined with the unraveling of both government and private sector lending institutions, potential buyers were no longer as motivated to build or purchase new homes.The economic recession completely halted progress within the Steeplechase subdivision. With only eight homes built in an 88-lot community, the esidents were left to wonder what would come of their largest investment. Little did they know, the solution would come from within. One of the newest residents, Nathan Yow, attorney and owner of Mississippi Auto Arms Inc., would soon embark upon a journey to revitalize the stagnant community.

Yow and his family moved to Steeplechase in September of 2012. Soon after, he saw an opportunity to fulfill Tommy White’s dream of making Steeplechase the premier property in Oxford and the region. Yow purchased 70 lots and already has five houses under construction, with another 16 lots under contract.

“Our goal is to fulfill Tommy White’s dream of making Steeplechase the premier community, not only in Oxford, but throughout the region,” Yow says. “Kelly & Associates has two houses under contract—$130 to $180 per square foot. The builder has 18 plans currently available. For those clients who want to design their estate home, Kelly & Associates has an architect on staff, so they can work to create exactly what they want.”

— Robert Tidwell,