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Volunteer Oxford Launches New Website

Sarah Ball, Director of Volunteer Oxford, looks at new website.
Sarah Ball, Director of Volunteer Oxford, looks at new website.

OXFORD, MISS (Oct. 7, 2013)- Volunteer Oxford is pleased to reveal the launch of its newly revised website: www.volunteeroxford.org. The new website successfully launched at the end of last week. The new updated website offers a contemporary look as well as a more efficient user experience for all registered users.

Volunteer Oxford is an organization that allows access to a variety of volunteer opportunities in the Lafayette-Oxford-University (L-O-U) community. Volunteer Oxford is also the community nonprofits and organizations’ resource for locating and recruiting volunteers when needed for projects and events.

The new website will also feature sections that will be very appealing to both the agencies registered with Volunteer Oxford and their volunteers.

“The website will include the Volunteer Oxford Community Spotlight and Volunteer Spotlight,” said Sarah Ball, director of Volunteer Oxford. “Each article is featured on the Volunteer Oxford website for a month. A Community Spotlights is an article that will highlight the agency and perhaps an event or project that may be
going on. Volunteer Spotlights, which are nominated by agencies, recognize outstanding volunteers for their service work in the community.”

Volunteers interested in Volunteer Oxford will more effectively be able to find opportunities that will be listed on the new website. In addition, they will also be able to log all of their volunteer hours.

With the new design, non-profits and agencies registered with Volunteer Oxford will be able to list any special events and volunteer opportunities.

The new website will include an updated calendar which is designed to keep everyone informed about upcoming events and volunteer opportunities. The calendar will be updated regularly, and agencies and non-profits can contact Volunteer Oxford to put an event on the calendar.

Volunteer Oxford currently has 719 registered volunteers as well as 76 registered agencies. For a list of all agencies please visit www.volunteeroxford.org.

If you are interested in registering as a volunteer for Volunteer Oxford, creating an account is easy. Go to www.volunteeroxford.org, click on the Volunteer tab, and click on the “Create an Account” link.

Once an account as been created, volunteers will have the opportunity to list their interests and filter through all of the agencies.

For more information about the new website call 662-236-6662, email volunteer@oxfordms.net, or visit the website at www.volunteeroxford.org.