Saturday, December 2, 2023

It’s A Welcoming Sign When You Wake Up in Oxford an A Student


It’s nine-weeks report card time, but some Oxford Middle School (OMS) students found out what they made before report cards went home simply by seeing a sign like this (see photo) placed in their yard overnight. OMS school teachers secretly placed academic excellence signs in the yards of OMS students who made all A’s the first nine weeks of school. Some students found the signsWednesday night when teachers were placing them in their yard. Others woke up to this sight first thing this morning.  According to OMS teacher Jill Knox, the teachers find placing the surprise signs fun: “They love going out and delivering some good news.”

OMS 9wks AllAs final cut
Congrats Oxford Middle Schoolers

This is the second year in a row that the Oxford Middle Renaissance committee has delivered the good news as a surprise to OMS students who make all A’s every nine weeks. Once students receive the signs, they will receive marks each consecutive nine-weeks when they have made all A’s. Knox says that most families leave their yard signs up for a few weeks and then place them back out when report cards go out again the following nine-week terms when their child receives all A’s.

photo by Jill Knox, Oxford Middle School