Saturday, June 10, 2023

How often has Ole Miss football scored 59 or more points?

Photo courtesy of Robert Jordan / Ole Miss communications
Photo courtesy of Robert Jordan / Ole Miss communications

By: Tom Freeland,, Blogger

Not often.  The last time we scored 59 or more against a team that wasn’t Louisana-Monroe (who we beat 59-0 in 2008 and 59-14 in 2003) was 1994 against Southern Ill.

Before that:

1980 Memphis St. 61-7

1979 Vandy 63-28

1969 Southern 69-7 (paid for that one the next year, perhaps?).  This was the only one Coach Vaught ran up like that; to get previous ones you have to go back to the 20s and 30s, when we bullied around Memphis (92-0 in 1935 and 82-0 in 1921) and Union (64-0 in 1930 and 86-0 in 1920, along with a horrifying 114-0 in 1904).  The only other is St. Thomas Hall in 1894, 62-0 (St. Thomas Hall?).

Haters may ask, so, how often does this happen to Ole Miss.  Since 1940, not often.  2012, Texas 66-33, 1980 Alabama 51-35, and (Archie Manning playing with a broken arm), LSU 1970, 61-17.  Of course, back at the dawn of time, Sewanee beat us 69-17 (in 1917), but this is back when Sewanee was a major Southeastern football power.

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