Sunday, October 1, 2023

Numbers Don’t Lie — Use Classifieds

Have you seen’s cool new graphic for our FREE classifieds?


Here it is, but the graphic is not the coolest thing about the great opportunities for commerce, information and connectivity that Classifieds offers our readers.

The best thing about this new feature is one big number — 124,500. That’s the number of unique visitors to Hotty between Nov. 1 and Dec. 1, 2013. That’s the number of engaged consumers who may make the next call to rent your apartment, buy your house, buy your item or apply for your job.

That’s a big number — 121,747 is about six times the population of Oxford, Miss., and it’s more than 20 times the print circulation of other media outlets in the area.

But there are other numbers to consider if you’re trying to sell a service or ensure some cute young child gets a new puppy for Christmas. reached 23,320 visitors last month in Lafayette County alone. That’s a bigger number than the population I already cited.

But you say you want to do a regional search for that hard-to-fill job. had 17,356 visitors from Georgia last month, including 11,683 from Atlanta. Closer to home, we had 14,782 visitors from Tupelo; more than 7,000 from the Jackson area; and 8,687 from Hattiesburg. They like us down there!

Maybe you know some Tennessee neighbors who want to re-locate from Memphis or transfer from Vandy. Our content is viewed by more than 7,000 folks in greater Memphis and about 6,000 in the Nashville area. We all know Oxford beats Miami as a vacation spot, but if Floridians want to stay in the Sunshine State, we reached 6,774 of them digitally in November.

It’s the best deal in town because, did I mention, it’s free and your classified will run for 30 days. The categories are:

• General

• Rentals


• For Sale

• Travel
• Real Estate

• Notices

* Help Wanted

• Pets and Animals

* Student Jobs

It’s all there — a new world of possibilities. All you have to do is click on the Free Hotty Toddy Classifieds button on the right side of the Home Page. You’ll be walked through the process, and in less than five minutes, you’ll be connected to some awful big numbers.

And 124,100 is not even our biggest number. Total visits were 197,459 over that same period with 587,232 page views. More than 53 percent of those visitors were newcomers to the site.

What’s not to like? It’s all in the numbers. Get started now making your life easier.