Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Alternate Traffic Flow, Tips for Morning Congestion on Sisk

If you live anywhere near the Sisk Ave. area in Oxford or have children who attend Oxford High School or Della Davidson Elementary, you know the traffic nightmare that the new high school has created. Commuter traffic moving toward Della Davidson Elementary and Oxford High School leaves cars and buses backed up to Combs Street or farther.
In hopes of helping alleviate some of the congestion, Ward I Alderman Jay Hughes sent an email with the tips for your commute and an updated traffic pattern for school mornings.
Hughes suggests that if you are trying to get to Della Davidson Elementary, your best bet is to find a way to head north on Highway 7 and take the Sisk Ave. exit. He also cautions to please not try exiting on Sisk from Highway 7, heading north, and trying to turn left onto Sisk (unless you have plenty of time). However, if all else fails, try to arrive a little earlier There seems to not be as much traffic at 7:15 a.m.
Alderman Hughes also added that the new traffic pattern in the area would change the flow to utilize all three lanes. Two lanes will move toward the schools and one away. The Sisk Ave. lane toward the schools will remain continuous, but the exit ramp from Highway 7, toward the schools, will have a dedicated lane for those turning right into Della.
Below is a diagram of the new and (hopefully) improved traffic pattern:

sisktrafficchangesAlderman Hughes also suggests looking to the school district’s bus system or carpooling with friends and/or neighbors if this problem persists.

– Kate Sinervo, managing editor,,