Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Skating Away the Blues in Oxford Sunshine

A skateboarder jumps into the sunlight.
A skateboarder jumps into the sunlight.

It was a beautiful unusually warm winter afternoon in Oxford Jan. 14 and HottyToddy.com Creative Director and photographer Sarah Beth Wiley was out about town observing Oxonians emerging outside after recent frigid temperatures.
Rounding a curve takes balance.
Rounding a curve takes balance.

The chance to wear lighter clothing and enjoy the warm sunshine attracted brave aerial artists to Oxford Skating Park on Bramlett across from the Library. A team of talented skateboarders navigated the jumps and obstacles of the asphalt track with precision and daring.
Although Sarah Beth noticed a few scary falls, the determined skateboarders picked themselves up and executed another trick.
Every skater said that a few bumps and bruises are just the price of the thrills they enjoy on their three-foot-long vehicles of choice.
Oxford is a long way from the ocean and the waves that challenge surfers, but these athletes are just glad our town has the foresight to provide great recreational facilities for active people with diverse interests.
So ‘Hang 10, Dudes’ and enjoy the sun and the ride!
Photos by Sarah Beth Wiley, HottyToddy.com Creative Driector 

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