Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Tupelo Man Pleads Guilty to Sending Poisonous Letters

A Tupelo, Miss. man plead guilty Friday to sending poison-laced letters to Senator Roger Wicker, President Barak Obama and a Mississippi Judge. James Everett Dutschke appeared in front of the U.S. District Court in Oxford.
Dutschke, 42, had previously plead not-guilty and denied any involvement. He also denied a charge that he attempted to recruit someone to send more ricin-filled letters while he was incarcerated.
Dutschke has been in the Lafayette County Detention Center since April 2013. He sent the poisonous letters to several government officials, but only one was opened by its intended recipient. However, he Mississippi judge was unharmed.
The prosecutors are recommending 25 years behind bars. However, Dutshke is also facing unrelated fondling charges in Mississippi. If convicted, his sentences would run concurrently.
– Story compiled with information compiled from the Associated Press

Dutschke /Photo courtesy of the Associated Press
James Everett Dutschke /Photo courtesy of the Associated Press