Saturday, February 4, 2023

Ear Infections: When to Consider Ear Tubes (Infographic)

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Symptoms-of-Ear-InfectionWhen an infant has an ear infection, it can be hard to recognize. You watch for a telltale sign, such as tugging on the ear, but as a parent, you may simply find yourself in the wee hours with your little one trying to console the seemingly inconsolable.
At least 0lder kids can tell you what they’re feeling, whether it be pain, fullness in their ear, blocked up hearing, or discomfort.
Ear infections are a common part of childhood, though adults are not immune. Typical remedies include treating individual infections with doctor visits and antibiotics or, for chronic cases, using antibiotics long-term to prevent infections.
However, in some circumstances, when these remedies aren’t working well enough, a child might need what we commonly call ear tubes, or tympanostomy tubes.
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–Children’s Health Team, Cleveland Clinic