Friday, September 22, 2023

Get Your Film Festival Tickets Here

The 11th Oxford Film Festival runs through Sunday. Opportunities exist for 3-day passes to the 78 films and chances for free screenings and free panels.
Film styles embrace animation, experimental, documentary, music videos and narrative films. Fun events include panels, parties, photo booths, and socializing.
Here is a link to Free screenings at the Oxford Conference Center and the Oxford-Lafayette Public Library this year.

This link connects you to free films at the Oxford Conference Center.

Check out the list of films with filmmakers expected to be in town for Q&As and the party. Also check out the festival’s unique panels where stars such as Jason Ritter and more will be chatting with you!
Tickets range from $8 for a single film block to a one-day pass for $15 and a 3-day pass for $30. A party upgrade for $25 is also available. Organizers recommend that you get tickets in advance.

Email questions to info[at] or call 877-560-FILM

Buy tickets here!